Camston Wrather LLC Carlsbad/ CA

Project Summary

Camston is a private California science and engineering company specializing in Green Chemistry resource recovery technologies for electronic waste and mining output. Green Chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. The company’s origins are in mining, particularly perfecting legal mining claims and Green Chemistry mining solutions.  As the company evolved it recognized that the highest value in immediate use of its proven technology was in e-waste (old PCs, servers, cell phones, etc.) – e-waste has over 10,000 times more gold per ton compared to an average producing gold mine. Camston’s has over one-half dozen patentable claims. Camston’s IP falls in two categories and entails: i) how to crush e-waste without causing chemical reactions; and, ii) how to efficiently separate various minerals without environmental issues. The IP is proven and has been tested many times in many tests and the company’s pilot plant. The Headquarters, Laboratory and first production plant is now under construction and operational start is commenced for Q3 2022.

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Client: Camston Wrather LLC Carlsbad/ CA
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