Project Summary

Metaenergia is a midsize Energy supplier in Italy owned by the Molinari family, with diversified services to grid providers and customers. The Italian Grid provider Terna published a tender in 2019 to start the energy transition of the Italian Energy sector from a central to decentral Energy supply architecture. The massive increases of Renewable Energy sources powered by Solar and Wind reduce the CO2 emissions significantly but create a challenging situation for the grid management. In order to equalize the decentral feed-in of renewables across the country a fast and very flexible base load capacity installation is required. Metaenergia developed a cost efficient and fast solution, called “Peaker – Gas Turbines”. Such Turbines are available within 5 minutes to provide 100% capacity and can be switched off immediately if additional energy to renewables are not necessary. Metaeneria build the first 6 Peaker plants on 6 different locations from the north to South of Italy with a total capacity of 550 MW.

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Client: MetaEnergia
Investment: 560m EUR